SSAB launches new zero-emission steel – SSAB Zero™

SSAB launches new zero-emission steel – SSAB Zero™

SSAB launches SSAB Zero™, a fossil carbonemission-free steel based on recycled steel and made using fossil-free energy. It is the first commercial steel of its kind and will be available during Q2 2023. This means that SSAB will have a comprehensive offering with zero-emission steel, independent of the raw material, further consolidating its leadership position in the green transition in the steel industry. Volvo Group has signed a delivery agreement already at launch.

SSAB makes steel from both iron ore (currently the blast furnace route) and recycled steel (electric arc furnace route).

“We are proud to already today be able to strengthen our portfolio with SSAB Zero™, as we see increasing customer demand for steels with low emissions,” said Martin Lindqvist, SSAB’s president and CEO. “By further enhancing steelmaking processes, we will provide a comprehensive offering with zero emissions while reducing the impact on the planet. It is particularly pleasing that we have been able to sign an agreement for SSAB Zero™ with Volvo Group already at launch.”

“We are encouraged by the continuous development of low carbon solutions. We are making big strides forward with the introduction of low emission materials made from recycled steel with SSAB Zero™ in our products. In parallel with the already introduced fossil-free steel, it is another step towards fully climate-neutral transport solutions, and our partnership with SSAB is accelerating this ramp-up,” said Martin Lundstedt, president and CEO Volvo Group.

SSAB Zero™ is a fossil carbon emission-free steel based on recycled steel and produced using fossil-free energy, without carbon emission offsetting and mass balancing allocation of emission reductions. The quality and properties of SSAB Zero™ will be equal to SSAB’s conventional steels. The aim is to deliver 40,000 tonnes of SSAB Zero™ to the market in 2023, ramping up to around 100,000 tonnes in 2025.

In 2021, SSAB delivered the world’s first fossil-free steel plates to Volvo Group and in 2022 SSAB delivered 500 tonnes of fossil-free steel to strategic customers.

Facts about SSAB zero-emission steel

SSAB produces two types of zero-emission steel: SSAB Zero™, based on recycled steel, and SSAB Fossil-free™, based on iron-ore without fossil fuels.

Facts about SSAB Zero™

SSAB Zero™ has zero fossil carbon emission (less than 0.05 kg CO2e emissions per kg steel in scope 1 and 2) in operations, including purchased energy and transportation. SSAB practices market-based emission factors for the electricity used and may secure fossil-free electricity through electricity guarantees of origin. Fossil fuels remain in the ground as SSAB has implemented a system to manage and ensure the correct source and use of alternatives connected to the production of SSAB Zero™. Only recycled steel is used as a raw material, which means SSAB Zero™ supports the circular economy. SSAB does not engage in carbon emission offsetting activities.