Nuovo socio: BTS Design Innovation

Nuovo socio: BTS Design Innovation

bts design innovation

BTS Design Innovation is a Milan based design consultancy firm focused on all-around innovation. We design both tangible objects and intangible contents through innovation practices. We operate at the intersection of design, technology and business, infusing our projects with functionality and brain values, as well as emotion and meaning. Our purpose is to provide tangible value through the application of design methodologies aiming to meet today the needs of tomorrow.

We help our clients growing, acquire value and innovate the market through a strategic mindset and a design process tailored to each project. We usually address marketing, engineering and R&D departments, working in tandem with them to create and maximise value for the company.


  • Transportation / Automotive
  • Fast-movers consumer goods
  • Chemistry & Materials
  • Automation
  • Heavy Industry
  • Fashion & Textiles
  • Baby care
  • Robotics
  • Biomedical
  • Lighting

Our design process is based on a double diamond model, consisting in a divergent, exploratory phase followed by a convergent, synthetic one. This distinctive structure enable us to uncover new, attractive, feasible and effective solutions for our clients. We usually address marketing, engineering and R&D departments, working in tandem with them to create and maximise value for the company.

Year after year we’ve built an extensive physical archive made of material’s samples, production prototypes and results of various processes experimentations for our clients to explore, touch and feel.

We keep constant track of what’s going on in the design and manufacturing world visiting both local and international events, exhibitions and conferences all year round.

Our studio houses a vast and unique repertoire of natural items (fruits seeds, tree leaves, animal skeletons and more) collected in years and used as case studies when researching high demanding and context based performative solutions.

We use workshops and co-design events as strategic tools to collect different experiences, opinions and points of view, rendering a multifaceted vision of the project and incrementing its innovation potential.

Our milanese office is an unconventional, playful and inspirational space, designed to facilitate
cross-fertilization and foster innovation.

The diversity of our staff give us a broad perspective and enable us to solve problems and
uncover opportunities in unique ways. Our team is composed by design professionals and researchers, having different backgrounds and coming from various parts of the world. Furthermore, we cooperate with a wide network of specialists, suppliers and institutions in
order to build an extended multidisciplinary team tailored on every single project.



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