Nuovo associato: OMTRA

Nuovo associato: OMTRA



  • Compliance with GDPR, legislation and regulations Reduction of costs through greater business efficiency Protection and support in litigation
  • Improved transparency and accountability Defined roles and responsibility Management of business risk
  • Create policy information
  • Protection of intellectual property & brand reputation
  • The protection of corporate, personal and collective memory The formation of business, personal and cultural identity Improved ability to demonstrate corporate responsibility Including meeting sustainability goals.


OMTRA helps you to manage the information according to the interests of the Board, structure, company policies, through Best Practices and controls in order to meet  legal requisites, such as risks and work requirements. Omtra assessment will identify gaps in your Information Governance processes and our training will help you creating a strong and modern IG structure. The IG  reduces risks and increases revenue and  profit.


If you wish to move to a Paperless Office and organize an electronic archive in different formats OMTRA is your solution. A team of experts will analyze your archives and will prepare a study of quantities, categories, needs and proposals for an Onsite and Offsite solution, with a rapid return on investment; Often 80% of the existing archive can be destroyed. You can convert all documents consciously using the legal conservation storage, a specifically regulated process enabling the digital storage of electronic documents or/and a hybrid solution.


On periodic request or “una tantum” during a relocation, corporations, law firms, Diplomatic Representations call OMTRA to destroy paper documents, electronic media, assets, chairs, desks, any type of product or equipment. Omtra provides a DOOR TO  DOOR  service (directly to your office on any floor), using secure container with barcode for traceability, mapping the route by our geoloc truck system, providing a certificate of final destruction. Only with authorized Omtra staff.


In a non-seismic area  (tip:  always  check  the seismic risks map of Italy of Data Centers and Vaults), OMTRA manages electronic, magnetic and optical media, in a temperature and humidity controlled vault, with a certified automatic gas fire suppression system, for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions.

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