Advertising in the Sweden Travel Guide – 2016 Edition

Advertising in the Sweden Travel Guide – 2016 Edition

You are invited to advertise in the 2016 Italian edition of the Sweden Travel Magazine – a powerful and cost effective way to reach a broad and unique group of potential travelers to Sweden.

The magazine is an important tool in the promotion of Sweden and targets a well-educated and upscale audience looking for inspiration and information for their next trip. It is a unique way of reaching out to this particular audience, which no other media can match. A survey on last year’s edition showed that 92.7% of the readers say that their interest in Sweden increased after reading the magazine. The Italian version of the Svezia Magazine 2016 will have a print run of 35.000 copies.

The Sweden Magazine Online

The Sweden Travel Magazine can also be read online (  and several other websites and blogs. We have had 9.100 readers the last 12 months, who have been browsing, searching text in tags, zooming in and out, etc. – without time consuming downloads of PDF files. All ads are clickable and the reader is linked to the advertiser’s website. Please check the following link:

Readership – The Global Traveler

The average vacation travelers to Sweden from the Italian are well-educated with a high level of income. They travel internationally on a regular basis. Interested in culture, history, food, nature and urban vacations, travel is an important part of their lifestyle.

We believe in communicating with our readers in a respectful, honest and credible manner. In the Sweden travel magazine, we mix editorial content about the uniqueness of Sweden, with stories, told from different people’s personal perspective. We want the brochure to convey a modern, personal and attractive picture of Sweden. The diversity of Sweden is illustrated by highlighting the contrasts between city and country, tranquility and activity, and modernity and history.


Good, effective distribution channels are of most importance in a print campaign. We choose our distribution channels carefully in order to reach our readership in the best possible and most cost-efficient way. One of the most important distribution channels of all is through our own contact center through phone/email requests. People who call to request informational material are 100% interested in our destination and are in the planning stages of their upcoming vacation. For a national, non-commercial tourism organization like VisitSweden, there are several distribution channels that are normally not open for commercial enterprises. Examples include distribution:

  • On IKEA stores in Italy.
  • Tourist fairs and non tourism niched fairs.
  • Events together with the NSU organizations in Italy within the prioritized themes such as food, fashion, design, literature, music and film.
  • Distribution through Scandinavian specialist Tour Operators in Italy.
  • Swedish Embassy in Rome and Swedish Consulates in Italy.
  • Distribution to individual travelers upon mail/telephone request.


Format and advertising material

The format of the brochure is 215 x 285 mm. It will be printed on uncoated matte paper. You can design your advertisement as you wish, and there are no requirements for adjustment to the editorial layout. Material should be supplied as a high-resolution, print-ready PDF file, as per separate instructions. The advertisement should be in Italian. The brochure will be printed in early December 2015, for distribution in early January 2016.

Format for advertising

  • 1/1 page: 215 x 285 mm + 5 mm space
  • 1/1 page with type area 195 x 265 mm
  • 1/2 page  landscape orientation 195 x 130 mm
  • 1/2 page portrait orientation 95 x 265 mm
  • 1/4 page 95 x 130 mm

Delivery of material

Finished advertisements should be sent to the following address, no later than November 1, 2015: Peter Dartman at Rolf Tryckeri:

Requests for space

We need your insertion order on October 9, 2015, the latest. After completing the form below, we will provide you with technical information and specifications.

Prices (All prices are quoted in Swedish SEK.)

  • Full page ad in 4 color – 40.700 SEK
  • 1/2 page ad in 4 color – 20.790 SEK
  • 1/4 page ad in 4 color – 12.650 SEK

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