There are many kinds of events, but maybe you can’t identify one which meets your requirements.  That’s where Assosvezia can help: you can rely on us to plan a tailor-made event that exactly matches your business needs.  


Assosvezia makes their know-how and staff available to create events, meetings and seminars with a Swedish touch. We have many years of experience in organising high-level events for various industries, making us your ideal partner. 


Whether intended for your customers, stakeholders or staff, the team at Assosvezia will handle all the stages of organizing the event: from the search for and selection of prestigious locations, speakers and caterers, right up to the event itself.

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Important meetings and gatherings need adequate space.  Companies sometimes have a suitable space in their offices, on other occasions a different location is required to add value to the meeting.  


Assosvezia can offer you meeting rooms, coffee breaks and business lunches in the heart of Milan. We are at your disposal to help you create the ideal environment for meetings with your most important customers or to facilitate teamwork of top management.


Those working with Swedish companies know that sometimes it’s important to translate documents from Swedish to Italian. This is true not only for companies but also individuals who may need the help of a professional translator to deal with important and linguistically unclear situations. Assosvezia can help you with its translation service:


  • Swedish > Italian
  • Italian > Swedish
  • English > Swedish
  • Swedish > English.

With us there is no risk of confusion between languages! 


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More than 90 companies have already chosen to join our Italian-Swedish business network. Take advantage of all the opportunities that our community can offer you, join Assosvezia now!