Legance – Avvocati Associati

Legance is an independent law firm with offices in Milan, Rome and London.

Founded in 2007 by a group of acclaimed partners, Legance distinguishes itself in the legal market as a point of reference for both clients and institutions.

It is no coincidence that the name Legance recalls unity and excellence, principles that were at the forefront in the foundation of the firm.

Independent, dynamic, international and institutional are the qualities that most characterise the strength of the firm and have contributed to it becoming a leader in the legal market.

In 2007 there were 84 lawyers at Legance, currently there are over 300

The value of the group is regarded as a pillar that amplifies each individual’s qualities and skills, the constant attention to clients, the careful evaluation of business objectives and an unconventional approach capable of anticipating legal requirements, 24 hour availability have contributed to establish Legance as a recognised leader in domestic and international markets.

Due to its outstanding international approach, Legance can support clients over several geographical areas, and can organise and coordinate multi-jurisdictional teams whenever required.

Legance is an independent Italian law Firm with the capabilities and global coverage necessary to assist clients on cross-border transactions and across multiple jurisdictions, delivering effective, innovative and integrated solutions that combine local expertise and global experience to meet any legal challenge.

The decision to operate independently from an international network originated from the desire to maintain a strong national identity and organisational and operational flexibility.

Through a so-called “Country Partners” system over the years Legance have built a solid and proven network of non-exclusive relationships that enable us to assist clients on international transactions with responsiveness and flexibility. The Law Firm select the most appropriate partners in each jurisdiction through a competitive procedure based on specific criteria defined with clients.

The expertise of each department of the firm is carefully fine-tuned based on the clients’ specific needs to provide and guarantee unique assistance that goes beyond the mere advice on specific matters, and is rather aimed at building a mutually satisfactory relationship of partnership and exchange with the client.

The firm has set up mixed groups of professionals from the different practice areas dedicated to specific business areas, so as to ensure the necessary expertise and support in relation to industrial, commercial, financial and technical aspects connected with the legal matters at stake.



Via Broletto, 20 – 20121 Milano