Doro is a Swedish telecommunications company leader globally in products and services dedicated to active, fragile and dependent seniors. The company designs and produces simplified products such as smartphones, feature phones, landlines and cordless phones for seniors. In addition, Doro delivers technological solutions for the safety and assistance of senior people and their families. Doro addresses a well-defined target that looks for technological but easy to use products: the company’s mission is to overcome the digital barrier to over 65s, adapting modern technology and design to their needs and habits.


Doro is on the Italian market in 2014. In that year, the company signed the first agreement with Vodafone Italia for the launch of two new products dedicated to seniors. In 2015, Doro closes partnerships with other telephone operators such as Wind and Tim. Over the years, the company has also entered into partnerships with the largest senior associations in Italy, such as 50 & Più and Anap (National Association of Seniors and Pensioners). Also in 2015, the company presents the first telephone for the blind in Italy.


The company today has established itself as the only leading partner in the senior telecommunications segment and it continues to make agreements with the major telephone operators and associations operating in the elderly segment. Doro’s presence in telephone stores is constantly growing.


Doro’s goal is, on the one hand, to continue to create simplified products, smartphones and feature phones, for the senior target, on the other, to expand its business in the provision of dedicated services and innovative solutions for the security and assistance for the elderly. The company is working on the development of complete systems and devices that can make life easier for both the elderly and their families.



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