Björk Swedish Brasserie


Björk Swedish Brasserie has been present in Italy since 2012 as an entrepreneurial project linked to Swedish food and design.

It has as an objective that of bringing attention to the excellence of Nordic food culture through a comprehensive catering project. The raw materials, imported directly from Sweden, guarantee the genuineness of the flavours and quality. The architectural framework in which this is given life is itself testimony to excellence, the Nordic tradition linked to the great names of design from the end of the last century.

The project was born of the passion for Scandinavian culture shared by the entrepreneur Giuliana Rosset (already founder of the Napajiri brand of sports clothing) and Nicola Quadri (amongst the top experts and commentators in Italy on vintage Scandinavian design).

Today Björk Swedish Brasserie is based in Milan at via Panfilo Castaldi 20, within the lively and multi-ethnic Porta Venezia quarter, with a restaurant that has at its heart both gastronomy and store.


Björk Swedish Brasserie took form with the appearance in 2012 of a Swedish restaurant in the Valle d’Aosta.

It was a place of experimentation and research where, with the help of the young chef Mattias Sjöblom arriving from the Academy at Grythyttan, a new concept of both contemporary and accessible Nordic cuisine was created.

In 2013 at Milan Björk Side Store was opened, the first Swedish design shop with an ample selection of ready made food products.

The response from the public was immediate and the step to transform the shop into a place serving food took place within a year.



Björk Swedish Brasserie is recognised as a unique place where you can savour typical traditional Swedish dishes along with more modern interpretations from that tradition, all within a refined design context. Nordic cuisine has always been tightly knit to nature and the changing seasons; launching it in Italy means respecting this link through foraging which, thanks to the collaboration of botanists and experts, leads to the use of wild plants and herbs also present in northern Italy.


The company has plans for expansion both in Italy and abroad. Plans are underway for various service formats depending on the country and the target market, in accordance with the guiding spirits of the initial project; the links to Swedish food culture and to vintage design.

Another project is also ongoing in the catering and private dining sector. Restaurant, a design store and a shop for food products are all possible interpretations of the project.




Via Panfilo Castaldi, 20 – 20124 Milano (MI)