Business Sweden Updates

Business Sweden Updates

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Sweden is a global leader in innovation – a hotspot for generating and commercializing new and bold ideas. At Business Sweden, we draw on this when pursuing our mission to generate growth for Sweden and help strengthening our country’s position in the global economy.

For Swedish companies, we provide strategic advice, sales acceleration and operational support to help them grow their international revenues. They can trust us to shorten time to market, find new revenue streams, and minimise risks.  We have achieved our expertise by always being present, at the scene, helping to close the deal. Insightful and hands-on.

In addition, we ensure that international companies can rely on our knowledge, experience and extensive network to identify new business opportunities and achieve an accelerated return on investment. Once they are settled in our country, we make sure they are equipped for a successful long-term presence.

From our unique position as an independent partner and trustworthy facilitator, we deliver proven results to all companies that put their trust in our hands. We all share a passion for making a difference, and are committed to professional excellence at every step.

In Italy, Kristofer Svartling, Trade Commissioner and Country Manager at Business Sweden has met our purpose, together with the team, carrying out different collaborations and activities. Kristofer is not only a competent leader but also an excellent person with a passion to make things happen.

Kristofer started at Business Sweden back in 2006 and since then has made an impressive career. However, every journey has a destination. So, Kristofer decided to move on to new challenges, and left his position at Business Sweden at the end of October.

In my role as acting manager, I would like to thank Kristofer for his fantastic job. Together with the excellent team in place, we will continue to do what it takes to live our core values and deliver huge impact for our clients and for Sweden.

As always, at your disposal,


Malin Svensson

Country Manager Spain and Portugal. Acting Manager Italy
Trade Commissioner of Sweden to Spain